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Accessible Travel in Newport

Newport’s beaches, Bayfront, and scenic vistas draw thousands of visitors to our bustling coastal town every year for relaxation and adventure, and the City is committed to making these places as accessible and inclusive as possible for everyone.

Most recently we partnered with Wheel The World to access locations in town that will be fit for anyone's disability or needs. You can find their first round of assessments here!

Here are some amazing places in Newport for visitors with a variety of mobility levels and also a few places that will be more inclusive in the near future.

Beach Access and Overlooks

Agate Beach is one of Newport’s longest beaches and offers a parking area and viewpoint on Oceanview Drive where you can see the waves from your car. The Nye Beach District has great food and shopping opportunities but also includes a parking lot and viewpoint that is perfect for gazing out to sea and watching the waves roll in and out. Don Davis Park, located just to the south of Nye Beach has a paved, gradually descending path that leads down to the sand and also has benches for people to enjoy the beach from a distance. 

David's Chair

The mission of David's Chair is to enrich the lives of mobility-impaired people with independence and freedom by empowering them to engage in outdoor activities they previously were unable to, free of charge. They are a 501 C (3) nonprofit and allow people with mobility challenges to use their track chairs and Para Golfers for free. They have purchased and own a fleet of track chairs and Para Golfers that they maintain They host events called excursions at various locations throughout the year. The excursions are designed to allow a person with mobility challenges to go to one of our excursion locations to use our Track Chairs and not have to worry about transporting a track chair. Lucky for us, we have one here in Newport! Located at Don and Ann Davis Park, 840 W Olive St Newport, OR 97565.  For more information or to request use, please visit their website.

Yaquina Head Outstanding Area

If you travel south along Highway 101, one of the first things you’ll see as you approach Newport is Oregon’s tallest lighthouse, standing majestically on a rocky, wind-swept peninsula called Yaquina Head. The Bureau of Land Management is responsible for the lighthouse and the 100-acre Yaquina Head Outstanding National Area that was established around it. The interpretive center there is ADA wheelchair accessible and features a video presentation with captions and some tactile elements are included in exhibits. Parking, paved walkways, observation decks, and restrooms throughout the site are wheelchair accessible, and visitors with physical challenges can request a gate opener to access Quarry Cove and view tide pools, seals, birds, and other sea life.

Newport’s Historic Bayfront

Newport’s working Historic Bayfront is a very accessible route for many kinds of mobility and features canneries, fish markets, art galleries, gift shops, and various eateries that coexist amid barking sea lions and the savory scent of fresh cooked Dungeness crab. The Bayfront offers well-placed public piers that allow visitors to view the sea lions and see many other interesting sights happening around the bay. Benches also line the port docks for people to watch the fishing boats come and go and the daily hustle and bustle.

Additional Access to be Available Soon

Beverly Beach State Park is perfect for camping and exploring the beach just to the north of Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area and south of Otter Rock. The park is currently under construction and will be closed until spring 2024 but will offer a Mobi-Mat in the summer months. The Mobi-Mat is basically a moveable strip of hard material that acts like a sidewalk and is laid down on the sand for access by wheelchair and mobility aids. The park also offers yurts that can be reserved in advance and are perfect for camping no matter what level of mobility you have. Nye Beach will also be adding specially designed adaptive wheelchairs allowing visitors to access the sand from the parking area just above the beach.

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