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Q. How do I attend the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival?

A. Vist our website, You will be guided to purchase a To-Go Festival Basket. When you purchase your Festival Basket, you will select a time to pick it up or have it shipped to you.

Q. What is in the To-Go Festival Basket?

A. It will include 2 bottles of Oregon wine of your choice (valued $25-$35 per bottle), 2 commemorative wine glasses for the 2021 Newport Seafood & Wine Festival, one can of locally canned tuna from Mo's Seafood & Chowder, and a Seafood & Wine Festival wine bottle opener.

Q. What kind of wine will be in the To-Go Festival Basket?

A. When you make your purchase, you will be able to select 2 out of 10 available Oregon wines (valued $25-$35 per bottle) from previous Newport Seafood & Wine Festival wine vendors.

Q. Will there be seafood available in the To-Go Festival Basket?

A. Yes, when you purchase your To-Go Festival Basket, it will include one can of locally canned tuna from Mo's Seafood & Chowder. You will also be able to add seafood options to your final order.

One pre-purchase item is a DockBox meal kit from Local Ocean Seafoods, with two options: 1) Seafood Sampler 4 mini crab cakes with tartar and lemon, shrimp crostini, 2 tuna kabobs (premarinated teriyaki and skewered) and slaw. 2) There is also a second DockBox: The ultimate seafood experience with Local Ocean's famous Fishwives stew for two people loaded with the finest seafood from the Oregon Coast.

A third option will also be available: a seafood picnic basket with locally canned seafoods with cheese and crackers.

Q. How do we pick up our To-Go Festival Basket?

A. When you make your final purchase, you will select your time to pick up your To-Go Festival Basket. Arrive at the Rogue Ales Brewery on the far East end, near where the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival tent is usually set up. Your tailored To-Go Festival Basket will be ready for you to pick up.

Q. When can we pick up our pre-purchased To-Go Festival Basket?

A. February 26, 27 & 28, 2021 at the Rogue Ales Warehouse in South Beach, Oregon. Directions

Q. How many available slots are there for pickup per hour?

A. Reserve your time slot ASAP, because there are only 35 baskets sold per hour. Each basket sold accounts for two attendees.

Q. What can I expect at the scheduled time for picking up my To-Go Festival Basket?

A. When you arrive, you will wait in line, socially distanced from the other people scheduled to pick up at the same time. You will receive your To-Go Basket and exit through the Rogue Ales Warehouse. When you exit, there will be a few vendors set up for you to visit along your way out. Here you can purchase more wines.

Q. Can I have my basket shipped to me?

A. Yes. When checking out online, select "please ship my basket to me." The shipping fee is $15 and has been added to the price of the basket. Please note, we will not be able to ship the DockBox seafood items, and we can only ship to states that allow wine shipments direct to the buyer. All shipping orders must be placed by February 8th.

Q. Will there be craft vendor representation?

A. Yes, we will have craft vendors' website links on our website for patrons to shop. Those who have purchased a To-Go Festival Basket will receive a promo code to use at all craft vendors' online shopping platforms. Each purchase made will be between the purchaser and vendors.

Q. What wines will be available to choose from in the To-Go Festival Basket?

A. We will list those soon; please stay tuned. When the baskets are available for purchase, there will be a list of wines available.

Q. What wineries will be represented at pick up?

A. We will list those soon. We will have a limited number due to COVID restrictions.

Q. How will you choose which wineries to be represented?

A. We will choose based off multiple factors. How well they’ve done in our wine competition, their longevity with the Festival, etc.

Q. How much time will we have to taste wines and make purchases?

A. All pick up times are based on a one-hour time slot. You will want to arrive prior to that time slot to give you plenty of time to pick up your basket and visit with the vendors.

Q. Will we only get one hour if the regulations change?

A. As we can have more people in an indoor space at once we will expand. It all depends where Lincoln County regulations are in February.

Q. When will the To-Go Wine Baskets be available for purchase?

A. Our goal is to have them available in early November 2020.

Q. Where do we go after picking up our To-Go Festival Basket?

A. We encourage participants of the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival to come to Newport, pick up your basket, and enjoy a handful of vendors. Then you can take your To-Go Festival Basket to your home, hotel or vacation rental to enjoy with family or friends. This is a great way to enjoy Festival goods and create your own fun while in Newport.

Q. What can we expect for the "Virtual Seafood & Wine Experience: The One You'll Probably Remember"?

A. We are planning a fun an interactive virtual event for each person who purchases a To-Go Festival Basket.

We will have a live wine tasting with a few winemakers who have wines in the to-go basket, as well as Wine 101 and Terminology, wine trivia, seafood trivia, Oregon Coast trivia, prizes, a winemaking demonstration, a seafood cooking demonstration, and tips on the Coastal seafood industry from a local expert.




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