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Newport Seafood & Wine Festival Tasting Trail FAQ's

Q& A

Does this cost money to participate?

No, this is free for all 21 and over.  Just sign up at to register for your passport.  Then choose your pick-up and drop-off locations.

Can each member of my family redeem a Newport Seafood & Wine Festival Tasting Trail Passport?

Yes, as long as each family member is 21 or older.

Can I bring my friend's Newport Seafood & Wine Festival Tasting Trail Passport to enter the drawing?

Yes, if he or she is 21 and you bring along the original Passport (unless electronic check-ins have been done).

If I forget a stamp from a location, can I get a stamp at a redemption location?  

No.  Stamps are only done at the specified locations.  If you have a receipt from the location, that can be substituted for a stamp.

Is there somewhere with all the participating locations and wineries?

Yes, you can visit to learn more about all of our participating restaurants, retail stores, and wineries.

Is there a deadline to turn in a Passport?

We encourage you to use them the weekend of the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival, February 24-27th, however the drawing will take place on March 2nd.

Does it matter what order I receive my stamps in?

No.  It might help to plan your route to end before the close of the redemption point you have chosen.

Can I take my underage children to the location?

Generally, yes.  Please contact the location if  you have questions or need additional details.  People under the age of 21 are not eligible to complete a Passport and enter the drawing.

How can I get around the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival Tasting Trail without driving?

Whether it is on foot, by a designated driver, by taxi, or any combination thereof, you're bound to experience a good time on the Newport Seafood & Wine Festival Tasting Trail.  Some locations can be easily done on foot or by a combination of travel options.

What are the hours of the tasting experiences on the Newport Seafood & Wine Tasting Trail?

  • Friday, Feb. 25th from 3-6 pm
  • Saturday, Feb. 26th from 1-6 pm
  • Sunday, Feb. 27th from 10 am - 2 pm

Please do not Drink and Drive!  Designated Drivers will receive 5 entries for each Passport turned into the grand prize drawing.  If you use a car, please have a Designated Driver.




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