Tsunami Dock from Japan

"A 66-foot-long dock that washed ashore in Oregon was carried from Japan by the 2011 tsunami. The dock floated 5,000 miles and still has a Japanese starfish attached to it. (June 7)"
See Associated Press video on right.

Wall Street Journal (video) - June 20, 2012
Tsunami Relic Puts Beach on Map (video) - June 19
Dock launched toward Oregon by Tsunami
Monterey County The Herald - August 2, 2012
Tsunami debris: Oregon workers begin slicing up Japanese dock

The Associated Press - August 1, 2012
Workers start cutting up Oregon tsunami dock (with photos) - June 6
Dock on Oregon Coast is from Japanese Tsunami: Dangers Exist

NEWS Lincoln County - June 19
Japanese Dock: It'll be chopped up on the beach and the pieces removed

NPR - June 7
Japanese Dock Reaches Oregon; Tsunami Debris Arriving Sooner Than Expected

U.S. News on - June 6
Dock becomes largest tsunami debris to arrive from Japan

Discovery News - June 7
Japanese Tsunami Dock Washes Up in Oregon

CNN (video) - June 6
Japanese dock from tsunami drifts, lands on Oregon beach

CBS News (video) - June 7
Japanese dock from tsunami washes up in Oregon

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